Actual picture of me in the morning. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

I am irked beyond belief when I read the same-old secrets of uber-successful entrepreneurs. Why? Because they always — or nearly always — include getting up at 4.30am (or thereabouts) and being massively productive while everyone else is still firmly in the land of nod.

I am irked because many…

Image by Jörg Möller-Jöhnk from Pixabay

I have no “exercise regime”. Pre-Covid, I went to yoga twice a week. And to say my class was “low-impact” would be an overstatement. I would just go for effect. The first part of the class was the best: we gossiped for at least 15 minutes. Then we got around…

Elizabeth Jackson

Northern English lass living in a cave, over the broom in deepest darkest Spain with 1 swarthy Spaniard, 1 angelic daughter and 1 cheeky chihuahua.

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